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Last Updated: Wednesday Jul 30, 2014 5:00 am

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FDNY EMS Celebrates Young Patient’s Birthday

Manhattan boy invited rescuers to his party. More >

  • Debate Continues Over Medical Tattoos
  • Over 2,000 9/11 First Responders Diagnosed with Cancer
  • Researchers Studied Hundreds of Pennsylvania ER Patients in Dozens of Trials
  • Rare California Beach Storm Hard to Predict
  • Father, Daughter Killed When Plane Crashes on Florida Beach

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    Armed Tactical EMS Team Responds with SWAT in Hot Zones

    Medics wear ballistic gear and carry guns.

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    How MedStar’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program Restored Patient’s Hope

    Once a frequent flyer and labeled a “drug-seeker,” MedStar helped Antoine Hall l

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    The Perfect Storm for Increased EMS Scrutiny

    How to be transparent and cost-effective.


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    The Time Has Come for Mobile Integrated Healthcare

    It’s a new era for EMS. By A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P

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    Hands On July 2014

    Check out the latest products and innovations in JEMS. By Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I

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    Wake County EMS has the Formula for Success

    Transparency and leadership go a long way in this system. By A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P


    Over 2,000 9/11 First Responders Diagnosed with Cancer

    Tally includes more than firefighters, medics and police officers. More >

    Rare California Beach Storm Hard to Predict

    Fatal lightning strike hit Venice Beach without warning. More >

    Where in the World of EMS is A.J.?

    EMS and fire service relationship discussed at Pinnacle 2014. More >

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